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Top Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions

Top Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions

Top Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions

With the increase of remote work and the requirement of storage space at affordable prices, the need for cloud storage, computing, and hosting also increases. It is one of the reasons that in the world of Web Hosting services, Cloud Hosting is a popular choice among people. 

Using the best Cloud Hosting offers a high level of flexibility and ample hosting resources, which can be increased or decreased with time. 

But you must also know some of the cloud security issues and challenges that people might face and the solutions to deal with them. 

So, in this article, we will explore some of these cloud security issues and their solutions.

What are the Top Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions?

  1. Issue of Data Visibility
  • Challenge: Many complex multi-tenant environments and components of the cloud architecture will hamper data visibility. Loss of data visibility means challenges in finding the data source as data is stored on remote servers in different locations. As a result, organisations will have problems finding out the source of the problem when there is a misuse or data leak.
  • Solution: The best solution for this challenge is implementing advanced monitoring tools and access control measures to track data access and usage. However, it is essential to use the cloud server security protocols to get data protection.
  1. Issues in Data Storage, Transmission, and Processing
  • Challenge: Storing the client’s data, payment information, website data, and more requires the proper encryption. Still, any lack of control in managing the cloud security can lead to floating the data for which the cloud vendor will not be responsible.
  • Solution: The solution to this challenge is using encryption for storing any kind of data. Moreover, use secure communication protocols and adopt Confidential Computing technology for data protection.
  1. Issue of Inadequate Access Controls
  • Challenge: In the cloud computing environment, balancing access control is challenging for the provider and the user. The cloud computing providers have to provide access control so they can authorise users and assess it. Along with this, they also have to ensure that it will not impact application performance and admin rights negatively.
  • Solution: The solution is implementing role-based access control (RBAC). Moreover, the providers also have to establish granular access controls to limit unauthorised access.
  1. Issue of Secrets Sprawl
  • Challenge: As you know, in the multi-cloud environment, most of the time, data is accessed from several locations. It increases human errors, increasing the risk of data leaks or secret sprawls.
  • Solution: To prevent the secret sprawl, one should deploy advanced security features, like OAuth, OpenID, SAML LDAP, etc. Also, sophisticated secrets management practices prevent unauthorised access and maintain control of the cloud environment. 
  1. Issue of Unmanaged Attack Surface
  • Challenge: The increase in cloud adaptation leads to an increase in assets, which adds to the surface of the attack. However, the unmanaged expanded surface will increase the entry points of the cyber attackers and various other vulnerabilities, increasing the chances of data breaches.
  • Solution: To prevent this situation, consider implementing centralised solutions like CAASM (Cloud Asset and Attack Surface Management). CAASM will help you to manage the reduced attack surfaces. It is also efficient to address this kind of danger before the actual attack can take place, which allows you to take easy actions and mitigate losses.

Summing Up

Understanding these top cloud security challenges and the solutions to mitigate them will help you leverage the utmost benefits without worrying about any security challenges. 

It will also boost the confidence among the users who are using cloud computing to work in several locations. 

However, the gradual use and discovery of solutions will transform the cloud architecture into a more secure form of technology and service in future.