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Oppo launches new mobile case that packs UWB tech used in iPhones, AirTags

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Oppo has launched the world’s first smartphone accessory that uses the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology — that is there on a range of the latest iPhone models and the new AirTags — to let you control smart home devices with just one touch. It is called the Oppo One-Touch Phone Case and it is for the Find X3 Pro. The case obviously gives protection to the phone, but what it also does is give strength to the spatial capabilities of the UWB tech to the phone, so that you no longer need to open apps to control smart appliances. You can do that using a one-touch identity sticker.

The technology here is very simple. The one-touch identity stickers are a pair of two round devices with UWB tech and come in a two-colour and two-material water ripple design. You put one on the smart appliance and the other one on the One-Touch Phone Case. The sticker comes with a magnetic design, which is why it is easy to attach to any appliance. There is an indicator light hidden inside the sticker that prompts you to know the power status of the appliance. Since each sticker has a unique identity that you give to an appliance, it will control only that appliance. And with the UWB tech, identification becomes a lot easier.

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UWB uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols to establish a close connection between two devices and helps communication. It offers acute positioning with low interference between devices, which is why the One-Touch Phone Case will let you control any smart home device by just pointing your device in its direction. However, you will have to ensure your phone and the smart device are in a 15-metre range because that is the distance limit for effective UWB communication.

The one-identity sticker supports three modes; Switch, Control Card, and Scene. Each mode can be triggered with a double-tap on the back of the case that has the identity sticker attached. Of course, you will need to point the phone in the appliance’s direction. The Switch mode turns the appliance on or off, while the Control Card opens a control page for the paired appliance with more options to choose from. Finally, the Scene mode allows you to activate a preset profile. You can even choose a profile where all your appliances will be automatically turned off when you are leaving home. The sticker has a USB-C port for charging.

The Oppo One-Touch Phone Case comes in a Galaxy Grey colour and features hand-feeling paint. The price of this case is not available right now but the sale will likely begin in China initially.