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why are you interested in buying the iphone 12?

why are you interested in buying the iphone 12?

With four new options, from Mini to Max, here’s how to choose the model that best fits your needs. If you’re at the market global for new iPhone series, you have four great options this year, from the tiny and affordable MiniiPhone 12 until the jumbo-sized iPhone 12 Max at a premium.

How do you decide which one suits you best?

That’s a good question, especially in the midst of a global pandemic that is making it difficult to go to stores to see how they look and feel in person.

iPhone 12 pro max, 12 Mini, 12 Pro did very well in CR testing. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a solid smartphone.

Is the Mini too small for your taste? Max is too heavy? Do you need a jumbo screen on the Max or will you be happy with the regular iPhone 12 Pro? How big of a battery problem can it be?

Those are the kinds of questions I’ve been asking friends and family since Apple first launched their phones. People want to know how the cell phone in hand feels.

Here’s of the difference between the four model: buy iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro the same size. a smaller version of the regular iPhone 12, and Max is a big versi of the Pro seri.

For most people opting for the new iPhone 12, I think it makes sense to immediately narrow the options down to just two phones instead of four on offer.

People looking to spend less can choose between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone Mini. It’s also a great match if you’re deciding between a small and medium sized phone. (You can also fit a slightly older iPhone SE into that group, but more on that below.)

People weilling to the spend money on better cameras and fancier  packages this can choose Between the iPhone 12 Pro, and Pro Max. And it’s a perfect match for anyone confused Between getting a medium sized or jumbo sized phone.

Oh, one more question I get often: Everyone want to know what the new Paciffic Blue color will look like. a side note, this is a dark naval version, very much like an the ocean but not a can metallic version. And whichever phone you choose, you can get it in blue.

If you want the biggest iPhone 12 you can find, you’re going to take a look at the Pro Max.

The phone has an amazing 6.7 inch screen. That’s just one tick bigger than the display on last year’s biggest iPhone, but it’s a huge jump from the display on the iPhone 12 Pro, which measures 6.1 inches.

For many people, the big screen isn’t just about showing their favorite Netflix shows in bed. They also have more space for typing and reading email and text messages. And iOS 14 brings a picture-in-picture feature to iPhone that lets you watch a video while typing that email. Those are all good reasons to choose a bigger screen.

But even though I really like the Max’s giant look, more size means heavier. After the first time using the 12 Pro for a few weeks, I found that the Max felt like a brick.

The camera is another differentiating factor between the two phones. While the 12 Pro has a camera with a 2x lens, the 12 Pro Max provides a 2.5x lens, allowing you to zoom in a little closer to your subject, but don’t worry, the iPhone 12 series is already included in the best-in-class camera category, for stability in taking photos. or video quality 4k, this is very interesting and skilled and this smartphone makes an innovative photographer