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What is a pocket WiFi?

A pocket WiFi usually comes in the form of a box that works like a modem. This will allow you to connect your compatible mobile devices to the Internet when traveling abroad.

In this article we will explain why it may be useful to rent a Wi-Fi hotspot when traveling. We will also discuss the operation of this type of device, but also how to choose the best service according to your needs.

Why equip yourself with a pocket Wi-Fi?

When renting a Pocket japan Wifi promotion, you benefit from Internet access for your smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Are you visiting Paris or New York? With your bag WiFi, finding the subway route or phone number of that restaurant you’ve heard about has never been so easy. The same to buy your ticket for museums, shows and other local attractions. Do you want to exchange with a foreigner but languages ​​are not your strong point? Thanks to your Internet connection and the Google Translation application, do not be afraid to start a conversation!

How to share the best moments of your trip with your friends or family without an Internet connection? Your Pocket WiFi will allow you to share photos, videos and live calls on your favorite social networks and applications such as Messenger or Whatsapp. No need to wait to go back to your hotel or waste your time looking for free WiFi in a Starbucks!

Are you going to go together? Depending on the power of your pocket WiFi, everyone can connect their smartphone to the box. This is a good way to save money and allow everyone to benefit from a quality, stable and secure connection.

How does the system work?

A pocket WiFi connects to the telephone networks available at your location. Convert this connection into a japan WiFi promotion network to which your mobile devices can connect as you would with your Internet Box at home.

Depending on the power of your pocket WiFi, the range of action of your WiFi network can vary from 10 to 15 meters.

It does not require cables to plug in or software to install. Just turn it on, enter the unique password for each box and you can immediately connect all your compatible devices!

The right questions to ask yourself when choosing your Pocket Wifi?

Although sometimes cases may resemble each other, not all offers are the same. In the following article, we suggest some questions that must be asked to make sure to choose the best service before taking the plane!

Remember that a portable hotspot creates a WiFi japan network as an access point so you can be online while in the range of devices. First, the WiFi pocket should be small and lightweight. It must fit literally in your pocket.

Can you accompany me anywhere?

Once you are sure that your Pocket Wi-Fi will provide you with a quality connection in your destination country, make sure it will be easy to take everywhere!

What better way to get into one of your pockets than in a case the size of a smartphone? Some are too big and will have to fit in your bags while others will fit in the pocket of your jacket.

Battery life is also an important criterion. Can it last a whole day or will we have to stop and look for a place to recharge it? A beautiful time that surely you will prefer to spend discovering the surroundings.