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Tech’s biggest event is right around the corner

It’s two days before Christmas, Talking Tech readers. Brett Molina is full of egg nog and holiday cookies, ready to deliver this week’s big tech news.

If you love tech, is this not the best time of year? We start with Christmas, where we’re likely either gifting or unwrapping cool new technology for ourselves or others to enjoy.

Then there’s the Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, during which we see the future of tech, from robots loading our dishwashers to recliners that boast their own personal 55-inch TV.

This year, CES is a combination virtual/physical event, but more big attendees are bowing out of the real-world part. T-Mobile and Amazon are among those ditching the in-person activities.

What else happened in Tech?

Investing in the metaverse. Yes, you can acquire virtual real estate.

At-home COVID test kits. Amazon limits purchases as the omicron variant spreads.

5G and air travel. The rollout of the wireless tech could mess up your next flight.

Need a Christmas pick-me-up? Nextdoor has a special ‘Cheer’ map.

Thursday tech tip

Let’s say you just found a new app to keep you entertained, or organize your life, or keep in touch with friends. Before you download, double check how much data it wants from your smartphone.

On this week’s Talking Tech

On the Talking Tech podcast, we discuss how parents should talk with their kids about TikTok, the end of the Disney-YouTube TV dispute, and your guide to gifting a video game console.

Happy holidays! And thanks for reading.

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