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T-Mobile’s Home Internet launches, Facebook says massive data leak was a scrape – Video

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T Mobile announced the launch of its consumer home internet business during one of its uncarrier events.
The broadband service will cost a flat $60 a month and utilize the company’s 5g and 4g cellular network.
The launch covers 48 contiguous states plus Hawaii and will initially be offered to about 30 million Americans.
T-Mobile says it hopes to have seven to 8 million subscribers by 2025.
Facebook says a data leak affecting more than 530 million users wasn’t the result of a hack.
In a blog post Facebook attributed the issue to a security vulnerability that allowed malicious actors to scrape or collect unsecured public data from its users.
The company says it previously identified the issue in 2019 but went on to say it was confident the technical issue had been fixed.
And finally Twitch is expanding its hateful conduct and harassment policy to include severe off service misconduct.
He addition is designed to deter users from serious offenses committed offline or on other internet platforms.
The company details what kinds of incidents it considers unacceptable in its official blog posts about the updated policy.
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