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How cloud computing is changing management

How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management - Panni Management

As top-level organizations in Thailand continue to adopt cloud servers, mostly from local cloud service as known as CLoud ไทย, the impact of this incorporation on the management of these organizations is evident as ever. History has shown that with the advent in technology, the structures of organizations have changed more than ever in this century, with people having to adjust to the incorporation of various technologies and utilizing these resources to improve services, products, and customer experience.

Changing times with cloud computing

With modern technology, the need for efficient transfer of information across computing systems is essential. With cloud computing, this becomes possible while also providing users a virtual environment where they can handle the work. This not only improves data collection but also helps in maintaining better management, with collaboration between customers and management, and also various departments operating within a company. With efficient data storage and processing by IT, costs are reduced, resources are increasing, and faster working environments are created.

How organizations are changing

Evolving structures of management of organizations have led to structures that involve various departments working together. Most organizations are adapting to having more flexible structures which involve collaboration between IT department and other business units which include sales, finance, and forecasting.

How it impacts product design

This collaboration, of course, is in the interest of improving efficiency, product design, and customer experience. This inter-departmental work and incorporation of cloud technology have led to the creation of products and models within the cloud or modeling of products and campaigns as cloud-based software prototypes. This incorporation, over time, has led to better time utilization and also better communication between client and company ensuring products are better designed to meet the needs and better business-customer relationships.


It is possible for parts of an organization to evolve and grow rather differently, creating differences between them. Such an obstacle requires a leader who can pave the way to unifying the teams again and keep their morale up.

For this purpose, leaders within an organization may make use of cloud-based platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc in order to communicate effectively with parts of an organization distributed geographically. This communication can not only be used to communicate important work-related news but also to share organizational values.


A great deal of business involves analysis of data to get insight and plan in the future accordingly. For instance, a company may use data analysis to find out what the most common causes of security breaches have been and use this knowledge to build defenses against those threats.

Furthermore, cloud can also be used to gain customer feedback at a larger scale, store it, analyze it, and then use this rapid way of getting feedback to introduce improved models of the product. This results in an iterative approach through which improved products are generated time and again. An example of this is applications on Google Play Store, which keep releasing new versions based on what its users require.

Organizing, planning, and decision making

Infrastructure within an organization can be managed much more effectively with the use of cloud computing. Everything, from the server and storage systems to the client side can now be centralized on a cloud. Everything from software programs to operating systems can be hosted on a cloud.

Furthermore, Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software allows firms to get rid of any data redundancy or compatibility issues as all tools and processed are unified.

Final thoughts:

C computing has improved productivity in a million ways and its impact on management, when incorporated thoroughly, can help an organization excel and reach great heights.