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A mobile shop at the Karachi airport scammed the visiting vlogger, Indigo Traveler

A mobile shop, Sania Mobile at the Karachi airport scammed the vlogger Nick, known generally by his social media avatar, Indigo Traveler.

Making a video about his experience and sharing it on his social media, Nick highlighted that this has been his only bad experience in Pakistan and he wants to highlight the issue to both, warn other foreigners and also for any authorizes who end up seeing it, so that they can take action against the outlet.

A common practice of foreign tourists everywhere is to buy a sim card on arrival. Nick did the same and was charged six to eight times the regular price. This goes beyond the premier price that is usually charged at airports. He was told that the card had a 1,000 call minutes and 10GB data for PKR6,500/-, around $40/-. However, there was only 1.5GB data available on the card.

After a very long time and a lot of global bad press, Pakistan’s image as a tourist destination is reviving. However, as he mentions in his video such incidents and that too at one of the first contact point for outsiders visiting the country leave a bad taste, especially for those visiting the first time.

Someone who really likes the country and has shared the culture and natural beauty with the global audience through his videos, he said it is understandable that black sheep are found everywhere.

The Indigo Traveler’s content is quite different from most of the other vloggers, as he focuses on travelling to places that are misunderstood and stereotyped based on what the mainstream media says about them. He aims to show the human side of what is shown in the news.