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The best 4G routers you can buy right now

More and more people decide to contract the 4G Internet for their home. This decision, a real madness a few years ago, is becoming more reasonable as the speed and stability of the 4G improve and the cost of the GB is more affordable. But for that it is important to have not only the best rate but also the best 4G router.

The difference between this type of router and the conventional fiber and ADSL is that you can always take it with you. It is wireless and works perfectly wherever there is a 4G connection. You only have to connect it and that’s it, you already have WiFi 出國 network – even WiFi dual band AC – with maximum speed and stability.

Some of the best 4G WiFi routers offer a much better connection to this mobile network than it can offer, for example, a mobile. This is due to antennas and receivers that include, more advanced than those that can have a conventional smartphone. And all that being much more versatile.

That said, what 4G 分享器 台灣之星 router should you buy? What should you keep in mind? To start, the connection speed, the battery, if any, the Dual WiFi antenna or the presence of LAN ports to connect by cable.

These are our recommendations.

Fritz! Box 6890

This router has just been presented and is already on sale in Spain. It is undoubtedly one of the most advanced in the market, since it has absolutely everything you can ask for a 4G router.

For example, 台灣大哥大 wifi it has dual antenna to create networks in the 5 GHz band, faster than conventional 2.4 GHz. In addition, it offers not one but four Gigabit Ethernet ports, in addition to a USB 3.0 to which you can connect any mobile or printer.

By cons, the Fritz! Box 6890 is perhaps not the cheapest 4G router, since it has a price of 349 euros. Obviously it is ideal for companies and professionals who want to organize meetings with quality connection.

Speed: up to 300 Mbps

Networks: WiFi AC + N

Ports: Ethernet x4 + USB 3.0

TP-Link M7350

This 4G router is especially versatile and its design does not remember what we think a router should be. It is at the height of almost any other similar device that you can find in the market, with one drawback: it does not have LAN ports, although you can always connect through its 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz networks, as you prefer.

A plus point is that it is wireless and has battery life for 10 hours. It’s not bad and it’s more than enough for a full workday. In addition, it supports up to 10 devices connected simultaneously, a real candy to organize work meetings where there is no ADSL or fiber connection.

What makes it in this list is that it is probably the best cheap 4G WiFi router on the market. It has good features, as we have seen, and is available for only 88 euros in Amazon Spain.

   Speed: up to 150 Mbps

   Networks: WiFi AC

   Ports: MicroUSB (for charging)

D-Link DWR-921

Several models are available from this device, although we have focused on the DWR-921 because its download speed is higher and stability is higher. Why? Because it incorporates the WiFi AC750 standard, that is, it can reach up to 400 Mbps in the 5 GHz band, not bad, especially for the price it has.

It also has LAN ports, but not USB. Yes, it includes a MicroUSB port to charge your battery, with the capacity to hold up to 7 uninterrupted hours of 4G Internet connection.

Its current price is 118 euros, and that leaves it in a very good place to compete in a sector that is increasingly tighter.

   Speed: up to 550 Mbps

   Networks: WiFi AC750

   Ports: MicroUSB (for charging)