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Swallowed mobile phone? Don’t worry, this tech marvel will get it out

While modern-day smartphones are too large to fit in one’s trouser pockets, dirt-cheap feature phones still toy around with the idea of getting small. Look around the internet and you may end up finding pint-sized mobile phones that are fully functional and may even put a JioPhone to shame with their features. But what if in the pursuit of cuteness and curiosity, you end up swallowing it whole? How do you get it out of your body?

This may sound bizzare but there are people who end up doing it. Not for fun but as a way to stay connected without getting caught! A recent news report crept up of a Tihar Jail inmate in Delhi who had reportedly swallowed an entire mobile phone! As much as it hurts to know how the inmate did it, it was a task for the doctors to get it out safely.

Getting out swallowed mobile phone

However, thanks to skilled doctors and modern medical science, it was an easy process that somehow did not require an operation! Doctors at the GB Pant Hospital had used Endoscopy to get it out safely, thus avoiding an operation. 

The Tihar inmate had swallowed the mobile phone to hide it from the Jail authorities. He was eventually caught and sent to the Hospital for getting it out. The mobile phone, which measured 7 cam long and 3 cm wide, was pulled out through his mouth with the help of a snare. 

For those in the unknow, the process of endoscopy involves using an endoscope to look inside body organs. The endoscope is a thin and flexible long tube that has a camera and a light on one end, while the other end is connected to a display to see what’s inside. 

“An X-ray of of his abdomen was done which revealed that it could be a mobile phone. Endoscopy was done through the mouth and the mobile was caught using a snare. The mobile was taken out through the mouth,” Dr Siddharth from the Hospital said. 

“Usually jail inmates do it to hide it from authorities. It can be swallowed only by people who are habituated to doing this. It is a technically demanding procedure and requires skill to take the big bag out,” added Dr Siddharth.

Hence, if you ever accidentally, or intentionally swallow a mobile phone, you now know that there’s a way to get it out safely without doing an operation. That said, we recommend you stuff food in you stomach instead of phones.

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