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People can now report adverse drug reactions through DRAP’s safety mobile app

Any person experiencing adverse drug reactions can now report their grievance through the “MED safety mobile application” created by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) pharmacy services.

DRAP pharmacy services Director, Dr Abdur Rashid has said that its ‘MED safety mobile application’ has been “successfully supporting the people” to report adverse drug reactions (ADRs) cases. In a statement issued by the authority, the director was quoted as saying, “In case of any such grievance, the victims can submit complaint with DRAP through this mobile application”.

Dr Abdur said, “Only seven countries have created this mobile application so far”, adding that the complaints will be directly forwarded to the World Health Organization (WHO) on matters regarding adverse reactions of drugs.

He elaborated that the victim filing a complaint could submit report even when he or she is offline and can also view and submit updates to previously submitted reports.

Informing about the process of complaint submission the director said that the victim will be able to see immediate acknowledgement of receipt of their report. Furthermore, people can also receive news and alerts with the help of watch list of medications, said Rashid, adding that while using such an option one could create a watch list for drugs.


He said, “On emergency cases, quick action would be taken and in this regard SOPs have been developed by the authority. There would be a separate reporting form for suspected adverse drug reactions in relation to covid-19”.

“The ADR reporting is a just a touch way and with active participation, citizens can contribute to the cause of safety of medicines in the country,” he added.

The director of DRAP pharmacy services advised the citizens to keep themselves updated with the safety alerts issued by the National Pharmacovigilance Centre at DRAP, adding that the authority has taken various innovative steps to maintain quality and availability of necessary medicines in the country.