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MilesWeb Review – High-Performance VPS Hosting

Most of the timeshared hosting packages are user-friendly and cheap. But does not give you more functionality and power a professional and business owner requires.VPS hosting is a smart choice if you don’t want to invest much like a dedicated server. But still want to get the best speed and performance for your website. 

When you buy a VPS hosting plan, you get your own virtual private server environment. You get complete control over the operating system, the apps and all the settings.Each virtual private server is divided into multiple virtual private servers, and you get an allocated share of resources like RAM, CPU, storage space and bandwidth. Also, with the VPS hosting plan, you get a control panel that allows you to monitor your hosting account. 

When finding the best VPS hosting provider, there will be a lot of options popping up. At this moment, you may get into confusion, which hosting provider to get started with. 

There are some aspects like the pricing, uptime, support and how rich features does the hosting provider offers you. 

After spending hours and hours researching for the best VPS hosting provider, my recommendation goes to MilesWeb. They offer both super-fast and budget-friendly VPS hosting services. Trust me, be it pricing, features, uptime and support, MilesWeb will never disappoint you. 

I will brief you about their VPS hosting plans, pricing and features. So, let’s get started without further ado by initially knowing about what MilesWeb exactly is. 

About MilesWeb 

MilesWeb is an India-based web hosting provider, launched in the year 2012. They are known for offering reliable and cost-effective web hosting solutions to customers in different times. MilesWeb aims to cater to the requirement of every user, whether it may be small or large-scale enterprises. 

Thus, they have a portfolio with hosting services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, Windows VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting. MilesWeb is also keen on offering the most dependable customer support in the industry and a 99.95% uptime guarantee. 

Advantages of a VPS!

Below are the advantages of having a virtual private server VPS.

Dedicated Resources 

Like a dedicated server, all of the resources of your VPS are exclusive to you. Also, the amount of CPU and RAM you get with a VPS is more than what you get with shared hosting. 

Improved Performance

When all the resources are dedicated to a single user, you get a higher level of performance for your website or application. It also helps in improving the Search Engine Rankings of your website.

Scale Immediately 

Anyone who is starting with a new website is going to grow big one day. So, the hosting resources must scale without downtime or any technical issues.

Benefits of Using MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting 

Here are the top benefits of using MilesWeb’s VPS hosting. 

Datacenter in India 

MilesWeb maintains its data center in a Mumbai-based data center location. They know the data center location is necessary for the performance of websites. It is the reason why MilesWeb hosts servers in Mumbai, the commercial center in the world.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee 

With its VPS hosting service, MilesWeb promises an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. They assure the highest uptime guarantee with their server’s security protocols, high maintenance and robust infrastructure. The VPS hosting servers of MilesWeb use the latest software and hardware components. The hosting architecture of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting is such that it keeps your websites online round the clock. 

SSD Based VPS Server 

Your websites are hosted on a server that has 100% built-in SSD drives. MilesWeb uses SSD technology with all their servers to make sure that you get high-performing VPS hosting. Talking about the speed of SSD drives, it is faster than the traditional HDD drives. The SSD VPS hosting functions as a reliable hosting platform than your conventional disk storage. They are perfect for handling heavy-resource websites or applications. 

100% Free Human Support 

MilesWeb offers the best customer support 24/7. When you buy a web hosting plan and, if at some point you face any issue, you can reach out to their support team. They are available on email, live chat and tickets. Their support professionals are experts in dealing with hosting-related issues. 

No Noisy Neighbors 

A VPS server of MilesWeb acts as an independent server machine with its own resources. In VPS hosting, you get dedicated resources of a virtual server, where you don’t have to share server resources with other users. With every VPS hosting plan, you get predetermined resources that can be scaled as per your needs.

Dedicated IP 

A VPS server is a private server that has an autonomous server and has a unique IP address. It is the exact meaning of a dedicated IP. With the VPS hosting of MilesWeb, your website will share an IP address that is exclusive to you. 

MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing 

MilesWeb offers a fully managed VPS hosting service. With the fully managed VPS hosting, they take care of all the server management tasks. 

If you check out the pricing of their managed VPS hosting plan, the base plan of VPS hosting costs Rs.630 per month on a yearly subscription. And the high-end plan of VPS hosting costs Rs. 32,640 per month on a yearly subscription. MilesWeb gives you the best features at affordable prices. 


MilesWeb offers you the best fully managed VPS hosting. With each of their VPS hosting plan, you get full server control, choice of operating system and control panel and unbeatable speed and performance for your website.