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How Can QR Codes Help Power Providers Improve Their Paperless Billing Systems?

How Can QR Codes Help Power Providers Improve Their Paperless Billing Systems?

Bill mails are one method that utility businesses, such as electric companies, still employ to notify their customers about electricity prices. However, since the breakout of COVID-19, mailing invoices directly to customers has become a problem for them.

Some of their customers receive their bills late due to the inconvenience, and they request a payment extension for the month of the invoice they receive. As a result, energy providers are losing money at a faster rate than typical.

Many finance corporations emphasize the necessity to offer billing substitutes since losing money for current imports and maintenance could increase the risk of business insolvency for electricity providers.

Why is it important for utility providers to have a paperless billing system?

The following are three reasons why utility companies should begin using a paperless billing system:

1. It does not represent a threat to your customers’ homes.

While the paper is an excellent way for customers to keep track of their electricity bills over time, stacking files in your storage area can quickly become a fire risk. In this way, the consumers can mitigate the amount of paper received over a long period.

2. Reduces the cost of printing

While providing clients with paper use bills is beneficial, the cost of printing and sending them out continues to rise with time. Spending money on printing and paper is not cost-effective for business, especially now that many companies modernize their operating means with technology. 

3. Billing delays are reduced

Going paperless means that the bill is sent directly from the corporate audit department to the consumers through email or MMS. Thus, avoiding the risk of multiple persons handling it as it travels to the consumers.

Aside from sending an email to the receiver, utility companies can use an online QR code generator to create a password-encrypted energy bill QR code for their customers to receive a safeguarded billing statement.

How Can QR Codes Help Power Providers Improve Their Paperless Billing Systems?

Utility firms, such as electric utilities, can begin using QR codes in their paperless billing systems in four ways.

Billing statements using password-protected QR codes

With billing being so crucial to both the company and its customers, having a password-protected QR code for their electronic billing statement shows that they respect their customers’ right to privacy. Electric firms may ensure that their customers’ billing information is secure online by doing so.

Payment Method for Online Transactions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person payment is greatly discouraged; hence the future of paying utility bills is now heavily centered on contactless payment options like online fund transfers.

To avoid consumers becoming confused about where they may pay their bills online, power firms can utilize QR codes to hold all of the payment options for their customers to choose from and pay.

Consumer Payment History Tracking

QR codes allow customers to follow their payment history with a single scan. And in order for that functionality to work correctly, electrical firms can utilize a reputable and secure QR code generator with logo online to integrate their billing information securely.

This allows them to verify that the QR code generator they work with respects their brand and commitment to providing the finest service possible to their clients.

Accessible Customer Support Contact Portal

To accommodate the queries and questions many consumers have about their current electric utility bill, electricity providers can integrate the use of QR codes as an accessible customer support contact portal and attach them to their digital statement of account. 

Through this, the consumers will only need to send an email of the concern by just scanning the QR code, composing their query, and sending it to their email support. 


Different business industries are having a hard time figuring out how to offer their new running and billing systems to their clients because their unexpected employment for becoming paperless provides them little time to prepare and work it out correctly.

To address the problem, businesses such as electricity providers can create customized QR codes for billing and payment systems that customers can scan and pay for promptly. Through this, they can unlock limitless means to improve their service for their customers.