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Create your own home office!

Creating a Beautiful and Functioning Home Office - Designer Mag

The world has significantly changed in 2020 and it seems that the way we work has been forever changed too. “Work From Home” (WFH) is the biggest watch phrase after Covid-19 in the news with millions of companies forced to ask their employees to work from home to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. However, creating your home office allows you to design and equip it in exactly the style and way you wish.

Fortunately, there are all types of office supplies for business available to search and buy online. There are thousands upon thousands of online shops offering office supplies making it even more difficult to find the perfect items for your home office. Where do you even start looking? A name you might have come across is Supplies Outlet and you’ve wondered if they would be able to offer you advice on which products to buy.

Here is a list of the types of office supplies and office equipment you’ll need most:
#1: Computer Power
The first and most essential item you will need to connect with the outside world and your office colleagues is a computer. A laptop creates a mobile office that you can take with you to clients, to office meetings, and even to work on your outdoor patio on those lovely summertime days – after all, you are working from home.

#2: Access to the World Wide Web
Paired with your computer is fast internet access. You don’t need blazing-fast satellite internet speeds, but you need internet speeds to carry your e-mail, video conferencing, and to handle the demands of running your small office.

#3: Desk and Chair
Of course, you’ll need a desk and chairs too. If your home already has an office space or has no space for a dedicated workspace, setting up a workstation is important. It must be comfortable and also free of distractions. Many WFH workers have set up at their kitchen tables, dining rooms, and even in their children’s room’s study areas for a flat surface to work from. A great chair is one of the most important office items you need. An uncomfortable chair will make you dread work and can lead to ill health effects that you’d rather want to avoid.

#4: Lighting
No desk or office space is complete with lighting. Poor lighting will strain your eyes, tire you out quicker and give you unwanted headaches. Add a lamp to your desk if your workstation is poorly lit.

#5: Telephone Connection
WFH means making a lot more calls. Most employees ask their staff to submit their work-related phone calls for reimbursement. While that is fine, you might be able to use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone instead – these work off your internet connection and calls are mainly free-of-charge. If you work in a call-centre or you have been designated telephone duties for a period, a VOIP system will be a life-saver.

#6: Sweet Software
You will need to equip your computer with the same software of your office so that you can seamlessly integrate your work output. From systems such as Microsoft Office to Sage’s Pastel and SAP platforms, calling your IT department (if you have one) will see them remote install the required software to fulfil your job.

#7: Printer
Despite the world being engaged in the digital world, there is still a surprising amount of paperwork that still needs to be printed, signed, and filed. A printer is still an essential work tool and you’ll need one for your home office.

#8: File Cabinet
Keeping track of your memos, presentations, office admin and reports, a file cabinet is a must (if your home office has the space available). Safe storage of these papers is essential.