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You can get a variety of powerful and flexible dance studio management software solutions that are designed for the big dreamers of the world by a team of specialists committed to helping your grow your business the way you have always wanted. Dipme is one of the most promising solutions that powers thousands of dance schools and studios across the globe, and helps the owners of dance studios like you take control of their businesses, so they can concentrate on their passion – teaching dance.

Manage your entire dance studio – anytime, anywhere

You can always consider getting a flexible and powerful dance software solution in order to run your entire business, which is built exclusively for the dance industry, by the dance. It will help you manage the entire operations and customer interactions, safely and securely from any device, anytime.

Let Dipme dance studio management software solution liberate you with automation and efficiency. In addition, parents will also love the ease of online registration and a lot more. This will lead to save a significant amount of time as you increase enrollment.

  • Online Registration – Get rid of tedious paper work to improve the customer experience and streamline the operations.
  • Billing & Payments – Allow dancers to pay online which is more convenient for them, especially when it comes to take full advantage of online dance classes. You encounter fewer phone calls and late payments for you.
  • Execute Dashboard – Open the door to more possibilities with management tools that organize the business data.
  • Skill Tracking – Dance instructors can easily track the dance skills of the candidate and alert parents of progress through the Parent Portal.
  • Point of Sale – Get the most out of the performance and efficiency of the front desk with effortless and uncomplicated point of sale functionality.
  • Time Clock – Cut costs and save time by getting rid of paper timesheets and counting staff hours manually.

Put everything in order and systematically

Dipme is a cloud-based management software solution for dance studios that offers a level of speed and reliability that goes beyond the expectations of clients. You can easily check overdue accounts, track class enrollment, explore financial reports, review student skills, manage tutors, collect payments, choose the best classes to offer, and a lot more. You will have more time to do what you love where to buy xlr cryptocurrency.

Improve profit & revenue

Success is no accident! When you crush the goals, we do, as well. You are making a difference by bringing dance to the community. Dipme would like to help you make your dream even more profitable by making it simpler to enroll candidates, collection tuition and fees, reduce costs and grow your dance studio. The software solution is designed exclusively to be committed to making your business prosperous.

The more you will dig deep into the features of Dipme, the better your dance studio will operate. Dipme is one of the best dance apps that you can get for your dance studio and count on these days!