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Abu Dhabi Media deploys mobile transmitter for glitch-free in live news reporting

Live news reportage in the connected age has become a more challenging task with people demanding regular and quick updates for key events around them. Delivering factual information in real time with precision has become a game changer, which helps media houses stay ahead while they also have to maintain the quality of their content.

In case of broadcast media, digging out news in remote areas won’t make a difference in absence of the infrastructure to relay clear visuals from the location to audiences. To scale up capabilities in sending out live news footage without any interruptions, Abu Dhabi’s state-owned media firm has deployed mobile transmitters which use smart solutions to boost network strength.

To make sure that video broadcasts to viewers go through smoothly, Dejero’s EnGO 260 device blends together wired and wireless connections including broadband, cellular and satellite, to create one powerful network. This boosts capability of reporters to keep their finger on the pulse of the situation, without having to worry about low latency or weak data connections in any part of the world.

The device with durable battery life also delivers high quality video by automatically adapting to the nature of video footage being recorded and the connection speed. The resultant tech cuts down time lag between live footage being sent out and the broadcast to a marginal 0.8 seconds.

In addition to delivering uninterrupted live video footage, Dejero offers CuePoint service to provide anchors, camera operators and on ground personnel, access to teleprompters. This creates an environment that enables effective coordination in real-time between technical staff and presenters during live news broadcasts.

The firm also offers innovations for journalists working from home, with a system that integrates live news footage and teleprompter feed, on to a single laptop screen. This tool comes in handy in times when a lot of media personnel are working from home and enables broadcasts from home studios with access to minimum equipment.

Image: Shutterstock